How to get real bitcoin for free with FireFaucet

Free cryptocurrencies with FireFaucet

The FireFaucet website allows you to get Bitcoin or other virtual coins for free. It has been online since 2018 and is considered to be among the most stable and successful faucets on the internet.

The key difference compared to other sites of this type is that we can automatically get all available coins (9 accessible coins) simultaneously from the same page, doing virtually nothing!

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For withdrawal There is no minimum withdrawal requirement, all your winnings will be sent to your FaucetPay wallet at any time. As soon as you have signed up, you only need to give ''CLAIM'', adding the addresses for the coins available on FaucetPay.

How do you register on FireFaucet?

Go to the FireFaucet website and register by filling in a registration form.

<<<Register FireFaucet>>>

When registering on FireFaucet, you only need to enter your e-mail address and a password. Once you have completed the captcha test, you have completed the registration process. You will probably receive a verification link, so make sure you use a proper email address, as you will receive emails validating your withdrawals.

a registration form

I have been using this system for about 3 years now and I have NEVER received any spam from them. From my point of view, I would however use for cryptocurrency related activities an email address exclusively for cryptocurrency activities, so as not to influence your main email account.

How do I earn cryptocurrencies with FireFaucet?

The most important ways you can get cryptocurrencies are through shortlinks, faucet and PTC ads. Also, offer-wall offers can be made with various activities such as surveys as a source of income, which of course require extra time and effort to complete. 

Thus, each activity completed by you will earn you special points, called ACP or Auto Claim Points. These points can be redeemed in Auto Claim to obtain your favourite cryptocurrencies!

free bitcoin online with FireFaucet

You also have the option of using a manual ''FAUCET'' which gives you a random number of ACP points at 30 minute intervals. A daily prize is also available! To get the daily bonus, you need to click on an image, which displays a gift. To get this bonus, simply scroll down the main page until you see this button.

More ACP points will lead to higher earnings

Activity points will be earned for each activity carried out on the site, which is a fancy way of saying experience or XP. Over time, these will help you level up and you will need to manually request them for each level. So be careful, check this out periodically. At the top of the main page, you can view your progress to the next level.

You can set the time interval between each ''CLAIM'' as you wish. The idea is as follows, the more ''claims'' you increase, the more cryptocurrencies you receive in your FireFaucet account. 

I recommend using a waiting period between each ''claim'' action of 1 or 10 minutes. On the grounds that if you do so, you get a higher number of coins as a bonus.

FireFaucet free cryptocurrency

You can also win different cryptocurrencies simultaneously. The most popular ones you can get are the following:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Dogecoin;
  • Litecoin;
  • Tron, and others.

You also have on Firefaucet a really interesting level system. Almost any activity you undertake on this site brings you these activity points. If you have a sufficient number of points, you get a higher level.

Every time you level up, you get a few more coins from the faucet. This reward increases by only 0.01% per level, however, I confess that for me, as a gamer, it represents a great satisfaction.

In general, I don't like shortlinks. However, I have to admit that occasionally at Firefaucet, I still glance at that earning section. Thanks to this level-up system I've really grown fond of this aspect of the game which stimulates me to make shortlinks from time to time.

What can you do with ACP points?

Once you have earned a sufficient number of ACP points, you can spend them to use the ''Auto-Faucet'' feature. First, you need to select the cryptocurrency for which you want to give ''CLAIM'' and then press the ''Start Auto Faucet'' button. And then, start the Auto-Claim process on FireFaucet.

cryptocurrency auto-claim

As soon as you hit ''claim'' once, the settings will be saved, so that in the future the ''Quickstart Auto Faucet'' button will be accessible, which is a picture of a lightning bolt at the top right of the site. This button will launch the Auto Claim function using the same parameters used last time.

In Settings, it is possible to adjust the claim time and multiplication factors, but note that this procedure consumes more ACP points. This will be explained in more detail on the Settings page.

What referral commission can you expect?

The commission is 20% on each cryptocurrency withdrawn by the person you refer. You should know that you will not get anything if the person you refer registers and does not actively interact with FireFaucet

You will only get cryptocurrencies from people you recommend on the condition that they withdraw their coins. If your referral withdraws, for example, bitcoin, you will receive 20% of the amount as a commission.

Obviously, your referral does not lose anything, but you will receive it as a bonus. After that, you have the option to exchange these commissions into any cryptocurrency of your choice if you don't want Bitcoin

So, you'll always benefit from your favorite cryptocurrencies from your referrals. Moreover, you have the right to withdraw directly to your wallet or FaucetPay, with the minimum withdrawal amount depending on the cryptocurrency.

Proof of payment - 03 July 2021

FireFaucet Plata Portofel

Is Firefaucet a reliable site? Will I really get my cryptocurrencies for real?

Firefaucet operates legally and you will be properly rewarded for your work. The main benefit to FireFaucet is that you will automatically receive your cryptocurrencies on FaucetPay. FaucetPay is a micro wallet, where you can collect many different coins. 

If you have a satisfactory number of coins, they can be sent to your own wallet. However, cryptocurrency transactions also involve expenses, which is why a micro-wallet is needed. Otherwise, the cost of transactions would be higher than the earnings from each ''claim'' on this site.

You can also get the coins directly into your Firefaucet account which you manually move to FaucetPay.

The FireFaucet site presents a novel way to get cryptocurrencies for free, as you can earn up to 9 different altcoins simultaneously. And the most interesting part is precisely that you can earn it when you perform other things on your computer.

This ''faucet'' regularly pays its members in FaucetPay. Also, no minimum amount is required, which is a big plus for those who use this site.

Consequently, I highly recommend adding the Firefaucet site to your portfolio of opportunities with which you earn free coins online.

Thank you.

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