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paid surveys with ySense

If you're looking for an additional source of money online, the ySense website claims it may be the right choice for you. It offers a variety of reward opportunities.

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For example, taking various surveys in exchange for money. In this context, ySense is working with public opinion polling institutes and other entities based on the potential that end consumers give.

What is ySense?

ySense is a GPT (get-paid-to) website where you can earn benefits by taking surveys, completing activities, buying products and more. For each successfully completed activity, you are rewarded in the form of money. You can then use this money to receive a cash payment from PayPal, Skrill or Payoneer, or you can choose electronic gift vouchers instead.

So let's do a little name analysis, before, this platform was called ClixSense.

ClixSense was launched in 2007. At first, it was launched as a PTC (paid to click) ad site and was considered mainly as a PTC site for many years. From a personal point of view, I was not a particular fan of the PTC side and therefore mainly turned my interest to the other possibilities available within the site.

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In mid-2017, ClixSense made some substantial changes. These included dropping the PTC ads side of the business, as this type of business had a negative reputation, so ClixSense decided to move forward without this element.

For me personally, this choice was very satisfying, as it didn't represent a great opportunity anyway, and I think it goes a long way to demonstrate the seriousness that ClixSense shows about the continued evolution of this platform.

Subsequently, by August 2019, there were more big changes - they changed their image with a new name being transferred to a new domain. Therefore, currently this platform bears the name ySense.

Most of these options retain the same functionality, but some important adjustments have occurred, which is why the company ySense is constantly introducing additional updates since the adoption of the new name.

What do you need to do to join the ySense team?

Registration on the ySense website is very easy. Simply verify your email address and set up a password. However, you should always take the time to carefully fill in your profile data.

<<<Register ySense>>>

Many complaints about ySense focus on the fact that you are not offered enough surveys or that you have been disqualified in some surveys. These complaints can only be considered justified if you have made a proper effort to complete your profile as thoroughly and honestly as possible.

In which countries is ySense accessible?

As far as we could find out, ySense can be used globally. However, you may notice that certain offers and surveys are restricted to certain countries. You can only complete surveys and offers that correspond to the country you are in, so you should take this into account when you travel.

Does the site need to be visited every day?

If you don't visit the site regularly, it is impossible to keep up to date with survey news. To avoid this inconvenience, you can install a browser plugin for the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Once installed, you can keep track of your account with a single click, and also get immediate information about new surveys as soon as they are posted on the site. This will save you the time and energy required to log in to the site a few times a day to check for new surveys and find out your income.

What are the ways to make money from home with ySense?

ySense offers several ways in which you can accumulate a number of benefits:

  • Participation in various online surveys, both from ySense and from partners including YourSurveys, Dynata or CINT.
  • By making various offers, such as those from ySense who provide you with numerous paid offers in the form of sign-up bonuses. Similarly to surveys, most offers are in collaboration with partners such as AdGate, Wannads, AdGem and other companies.
  • Referral program, you can also benefit from referral commissions if you refer other people to the ySense website, and they start making money from home using this site.

Complete simple surveys

The best way to earn revenue on ySense is by participating in paid surveys.

Normally, it provides numerous opportunities to participate on a daily basis to answer various paid surveys, as it has developed a number of partnerships with various survey operators.

Be warned, you will probably not be eligible for all surveys available on the site. I stress this point, as I know it is frustrating for you to click on the surveys offered and then not qualify.

Depending on the geographic region you are from, your age, and so on, the number of surveys for which you can participate may be different. This rule applies to all survey sites, so not only for ySense, you will not be able to participate in all surveys received.

Be patient when you want to complete surveys

Therefore, if you click to access these surveys and they are not accessible, you just need to have a little patience to keep clicking on them. It takes a short period of time to check if they are available, and in most cases a large number of surveys will be available, and they generally pay reasonably well for the time invested compared to other sites that specialise in surveys.

Also, after a while, you'll figure out what type of surveys you're usually accepted for, and then you can ignore the rest so as not to waste your time.

online survey on ySense

As can be seen in the picture above, the awards obtained differ from one survey to another and can be different depending on the country. In general, however, surveys found on ySense are quite well rewarded compared to other survey-only sites.

Also note that in addition to the surveys that can be displayed, there is also a section just below the surveys. In this section, you can also view the survey routers that ySense collaborates with.

Which means that you can click in this section to search for additional surveys that are available. This can be a great way for you to identify other opportunities, although sometimes it requires a bit of persistence to find surveys that you are eligible for in this section.

Paid offers

ySense has a section entirely dedicated to these paid offers. Thus, through them, you benefit from a lot of diversified offers proposed by ySense collaborators and partners.

A large part of the offers on ySense are on the same offer boards as when it was called ClixSense, but some of them with quality issues have been removed and new offers have been introduced. At the same time, the site says that they will continually introduce new offers.

simple offers to complete

These offers may consist, for example, of trying out new products or services, downloading apps, playing certain games, registering on various websites, watching videos, registering for free competitions and more. Compared to other similar sites, ySense allows access to more offers and also ensures participation in the best existing offer networks.

Before accepting any offer, you have the opportunity to see what conditions apply and what prize is offered. Offers can be a great way to increase your income. 

Some of them offer low compensation, but there are also some that give big rewards in real terms, which means it's worth checking daily what offers are available.

Be sure to read the instructions carefully on the terms and conditions of the offers you are interested in. Before you accept them, you need to know exactly what you need to achieve to receive the reward. 

Some offers have advantageous conditions that are very easy to accept, while others, in my view, are not worth accepting at all. Therefore, check what the conditions of participation are.

Complete simple tasks or tasks with ySense

In the 'tasks' section of this site, there are easy tasks that can be completed to earn money. All these tasks are provided by Appen which was previously called Figure Eight and Crowdflower.

These include very simple tasks such as accessing other sites, categorising images and more. Usually low payouts - a few cents - are given for these tasks.

However, with hard work, a substantial reward can be achieved. For example, for every $50 you earn, you get a $5 payoff.

What is the daily bonus for the ''CheckList'' checklist?

ySense has a daily bonus check that can be excellent way to get an extra cash windfall.

The first time you sign up, it may seem somewhat complicated, but it's actually extremely easy. To make it easier for you and to understand from the start, I'll explain how this bonus works and how much extra it can bring.

In a nutshell, this is a bonus that can realise up to 16% of your winnings. It will be added to your account at the end of each day, provided you qualify for that day's bonus.

It's not very hard to qualify. On your personal account page, you can always see how close you are to getting that day's bonus.

Theoretically, to get this bonus, you will either have to answer 2 surveys or complete 2 offers.

However, not everyone gets the same chances to complete surveys or answer different offers, you can combine these opportunities so that you get the bonus from the checklist.

So you can also qualify for the bonus by taking a survey plus an offer.

If you comply with any of the options mentioned above, you earn a daily bonus and get 12% at the end of the day in your account.

Use the extension for higher efficiency

You also have the chance to top up this bonus. So you get an extra 2% by adding a ySense add-on, which is an extension for your browser.

online notification extension

This extension was only available for Chrome back when ClixSense was running, but now it's available for Chrome, Firefox and Edge, which is a real extra option in my opinion.

It's an online add-on that will send you a series of notifications when there are new surveys or new tasks, as well as other activity. It is required to actually run for an hour on the day you qualify including for the checklist bonus, and then you get another 2% extra.

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This browser extension can not only help you for getting this bonus. It is also an interesting way to be informed about new opportunities published on the ySense website without having to log in frequently.

At the end, you can earn 2% if you get extra activity by completing the checklist bonus 3 days in a row. Note that if you don't complete your checklist requirements on a given day, the activity bonus will be reset.

Therefore, by having some activity on ySense, you can get 16% extra in your account. Regardless of the day you meet the bonus criteria, this increase will be sent to your account at the end of that day.

This bonus is a really nice extra bonus and is a perk that not many survey sites can offer.

ySense and the Referral program

Compared to other GPT sites, I have to acknowledge the importance of ySense's recommendation program as a very good one. Let me also explain why...

For each person successfully referred, you receive an amount ranging from $0.10 to $0.30. This also depends on the country in which they operate. When your referrals achieve the first $5, you receive a $2 bonus. This is a sign-up bonus, as you may also receive an activity fee.

When your referrals are accepted for a particular survey, you also receive a commission equivalent to 20% of the amount earned. This commission can go up to 30%, but this depends largely on their activity.

Ysense Proof of Payment | 1 May 2021

ysense PayPal money

What are the payment methods?

Whenever you answer questions in a survey, complete a task, accept an offer invitation or anything else on the ySense website, you'll earn some pocket money every time.

These payment methods are one of the main new features since the ySense rebrand from ClixSense. In the old days, you could get paid via methods like Payoneer, Skrill, Dwolla, Tangocard or a check.

When it was launched as ySense, one of the significant changes was that it introduced the possibility of payments via Paypal. For many, this payment method is preferred for survey sites and Get-Paid-To sites (GPT jobs).

Withdraw via PayPal

Also, the withdrawal minimum for PayPal is quite low, as you only need to earn $10 to receive money via PayPal.

ySense, however, has payment methods with a lower withdrawal minimum than it once had as ClixSense. Currently, you can get Amazon e-gift vouchers starting at $5.

Additionally, on top of this method, you can also withdraw proceeds via processors like Payoneer and Skrill. These, in turn, are great ways to get cash proceeds. So, in my opinion, there are some really interesting reward possibilities.

Once you've taken a survey, you'll usually be able to instantly see the reward amount in your ySense account. For certain surveys, (we're talking about the ones that offer more money here), you have to be approved before you get the money in your account. These are marked with a little red flag to make them easier to identify.

When using other offers on ySense, such as when you are rewarded for downloading apps, you will be rewarded with money, so it will be easier to see what you are getting with each of these offers.

Back when it was called ClixSense, you earned ''Clix cents'' from these offers. So it's another example of why ySense has become more user-friendly.

It often takes about 5-15 minutes to see these rewards in your account.

As soon as you have applied the request for a payment to your ySense account, it takes 4-5 days until the money reaches you.

Is ySense a serious site that pays?

In general, in order to earn money from home, various people use "Get Paid to" websites. Most sites of this type choose not to reward you after you have completed all the tasks entrusted to you. You can therefore be convinced that ySense is a really serious platform.

To complete surveys on ySense you will not waste time and effort, provided you follow a simple rule about providing correct information in surveys. In fact, this site enjoys a high profile as it is used by many people from all over the world to earn money by completing various surveys.

Prodege LLC, a strong and serious company

It is managed by Prodege LLC, which is 100% legal and has a very solid reputation. Prodege LLC is a fully licensed company in the United States of America. It also operates one of the most popular and leading online rewards sites in the industry. It is Swagbucks. Having such a strong company behind the ySense site, the likelihood of it being a fraudulent GPT site is greatly diminished.

This survey website has been around since 2007, which means it has been around for over 13 years. This significant GPT site for such a long time can be considered as reliable. Frauds are quickly discovered and go down the drain as soon as they are discovered.

<<<ySense Registration>>>

In any case, ySense has gone from strength to strength - from its beginnings as a PTC site to a full-fledged GPT site. More importantly, for 13 years, ySense has rewarded its members regularly.

At the time I finished writing this review, it has awarded payouts worth about $40 million. This evidence of ySense payouts is available on the internet. Fraudulent sites certainly won't pay anyone. Therefore, having been around for over a decade and having a track record of making payments, ySense can only be a true and legitimate site.

Thank you.

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