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Do you like filling out surveys on your mobile phone? Do you spend your free time playing games on your mobile phone? If you are such a person, then this app is for you. It's called Bituro.

What is Bituro?

Bituro is an app that gives you a few ways to earn some money, just by using your mobile phone.

How to earn money doing surveys with Bituro?

As Bituro is a specialized survey app, there are several ways you can earn money, either by taking part in surveys or by completing simple tasks.

surveys online with Bituro

All survey providers or tasks are displayed on the main page of the app.
Here we can list a few survey providers such as Adscend Media, Peanut Labs, AdGate Media, or Polfish. Depending on your location, you will find more or fewer opportunities to complete surveys for money.

What benefits can we get from promoting the Bituro app?

You have a special link or a 6-digit code. Anyone who uses this code or your link to register on Bituro will automatically become your referral.

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You will receive a commission of 10% of the earnings made by the people you recommend, as well as a sign-up bonus. 

This sign-up bonus depends very much on the location of each member. As a result, this bonus can vary between 10 and 50 points.

How can we withdraw our money?

All withdrawal methods are displayed in the ''Shop'' section of the main menu.

bituro shop

Therefore, the following options are available to withdraw money:

  • Bitcoin;

The minimum withdrawal amount for bitcoin is 50,000 points if you choose to withdraw to a digital wallet. If we use Coinbase, then the minimum is only 1,000 points.

  • PayPal;

To withdraw via PayPal, you only need $1.

  • Gift cards.

The value of gift cards depends on the country where they are redeemed. Typically, you'll be able to redeem gift cards starting at $10.

Bituro for Android or PC?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Bituro is a mobile app. As a result, to use this app, you need a mobile phone and a stable internet connection. This app can be downloaded from both Google Play and the AppStore, depending on the mobile device used.

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All you can do on the website (accessed from a computer) is just check your account balance. So all activities are done via your mobile phone.

Payment Proof Bituro | February 15, 2021

Bituro PayPal Proof

What benefits can we expect by using Bituro?

Even if you've heard this before, the earnings depend very much on the geographical location of each member. Geographical location is a vital element for surveys.

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Therefore, I can say that this app is a legitimate one, but you will not get rich with it. Surveys are not as frequent as we would like. 

But, we should also keep in mind that Bituro has a minimum withdrawal of only $1. Plus, it pays via PayPal, which gives it some credibility.

Thank you for reading.

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