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coinpayu legit or not

Are you a person looking for additional earning opportunities? Well, CoinPayU is a PTC site that will show you exactly that, without any investment on your part.

But are these sites serious or are they just a waste of time, whether we're talking surveys or PTC ads?

In this article, we'll find out which ways you can use to earn cryptocurrencies for free.

What is CoinPayU?

CoinPayU is a PTC site that only pays you in cryptocurrencies for what you do on the site. This site was launched in 2019, having no problems with processing payments to its members.

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How does CoinPayU work?

CoinPayU is a slightly different PTC site. Why do I say that? Because on this site, you can do a lot more activities besides PTC ads.

So, how can we get bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with CoinPayU?

You can get them in the following simple ways:

  • watching ads;

You'll have plenty of ads to click on. But don't expect big rewards. Given the evolution of bitcoin, the rewards in these ads are very small. Not to mention the time you have to spend viewing these ads.

  • crypto faucet;

You are allowed to use this faucet every 60 minutes. You can claim various cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, ehtereum, dash, bitcoin cash, Tron, or BEP20 binance. All earnings from this tap will be sent directly to your account balance.

  • surveys;

You should use surveys as often as possible to reach the minimum withdrawal faster, due to the much higher reward compared to PTC ads.
These survey offers may be influenced by your geographical location.

Each survey provider displays various information to help you get the best results from participating in these surveys.

  • mobile offers;
  • referral program.

What is the ''Catch a CAT'' game?

This is a competition. To enter this competition, you need to follow their social media accounts, especially their Twitter account.

coinpayu catch a cat

From time to time, CoinPayU offers various rewards in the form of codes. These codes will be entered in the ''Catch a cat'' section, located in the main menu. Depending on your luck, you could receive between 50 and 500 satoshis.

CoinPayU Referral Program

Their referral program is a bit different compared to other similar sites such as PaidVerts or AdBTC. Earnings from referrals depend on the membership tier system. So to earn more, you have to invest some money.

coinpayu memberships

Indeed, you can get up to 50% commission for viewing ads and up to 20% commission for purchased ads. But to benefit from these commissions, you need to have the ''Senior Partner'' membership level. To have this level, you need to pay more than 140 000 satoshis. That's a lot, in my opinion.

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Usually, those who have this level of membership also have a lot of recommendations. That's why I don't recommend putting any money into this site. Only in situations where you have more referrals, then you can think about this possibility.

My CoinPayU proof of payment | June 15, 2021

faucetpay payment proof

How can we withdraw our earnings?

In this regard, I have to admit that CoinPayU is doing very well. I mean, the offer of ways to withdraw is pretty good.

So, to withdraw cryptocurrencies, the following withdrawal methods are available:

  • bitcoin;

The minimum withdrawal for bitcoin is 11 000 satoshi.

  • Payeer;

The minimum withdrawal for Payeer is 1500 satoshi.

  • FaucetPay;

The minimum withdrawal for FaucetPay is 1,500 satoshi.

  • litecoin;
  • tether (TRC20);
  • ethereum;

The minimum withdrawal amount for Ethereum is 15,000 satoshi.

  • dash.

The minimum withdrawal amount for Litecoin, Tether, or Dash is 1 500 satoshi.

Is CoinPayU legit or not?

Without a doubt, CoinPayU belongs to the category of serious sites that reward its members for performing simple online activities. But like other similar sites, it all depends on your activity.

If you're active, you'll earn rewards. Otherwise, you won't be able to get anything meaningful from this PTC site.

Thank you.

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