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ptcshare review

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to another PTC site, which is quite similar to Paidverts. We will discuss PTCShare, a site owned by the same team that runs the other two sites, MyTrafficValue and Paidverts.

What is PTCShare?

PTCShare is a PTC site that pays us to watch ads, complete surveys, or play online games. This site was launched on June 14, 2019. As I said in the lines above, it is very similar to Paidverts in terms of the activities you can perform.

How can we register on PTCShare?

It's very simple. You have a registration form where you have to enter some information about yourself. This is your username, e-mail address, password, or date of birth.

ptchare register

As with the Paidverts site, the date of birth is very important. It is therefore recommended that you add your ACTUAL date of birth.

<<<Register PTCShare>>>

If you take this site seriously, then do not neglect this aspect.

We have established how we can register on PTCShare. But what can you expect, in terms of the work you have to do to earn free money from home?

What are the ways to earn money online with PTCShare?

In short, PTCShare offers you the following ways to win:

  • viewing advertisements;

Simpler than that, I don't know if it's possible online. You select the ad, view it, and then fill in a captcha. Ads are up to 30 seconds long, but the vast majority will be 5 seconds.

  • simple surveys that pay real money;

Depending on the site that offers you these surveys, you will be asked different questions about yourself. These questions are intended to ensure that you are suitable to participate in the surveys.

Normally, earnings will not exceed $1 and can last up to 30 minutes. Most surveys will last a maximum of 10 minutes. It also depends on the survey provider you use.

  • simple jobs for smartphones;

Have a mobile phone. Why not use it to do simple jobs to earn money, no matter where you are?

You can install apps, software or games. All these tasks have instructions that you must follow 100%.

  • referral program;

But maybe you don't want to get so involved on this site. There is the perfect solution. It's all about promoting this site. In other words, you use the referral link to attract new people to PTCShare.

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From your referrals, you will receive a 7% commission for each ad purchased and a 3% commission on the value of the ad viewed.

My PTCShare account

As you can see in the image below, I invested over $300 and withdrew over $150. These statistics are at the time of writing this article.

my PTCShare account

The amount withdrawn is so small, because I have been spending this money to buy ads, other than bulk ads.

How does PTCShare work?

All the activities carried out under PTCShare have a common denominator, namely the BAPs.

bap points

Each activity you do earns you a number of points that will help you rank for more money. Earnings are influenced by BAP groups. Just like on Paidverts, you have 15 different earning groups.

How can you reach high-income groups?

To get up there, it takes an investment. Without investment, it is virtually impossible to get there, i.e. it will take a long time. You can use this site without investment, but it's not worth it.

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I am not going to tell you that you will make money very easily and without investment just to bring new people to this site. So before you sign up, think carefully if you are going to be serious about this site. If not, there is no point in registering just for the sake of registering.

The main tool to earn BAP points is through BULK ads.

In the main menu, you have a section called ''Buy ads''. In this section, you will find the option ''Bulk Ads''.

There is a minimum of $1 for buying a bulk ad.

In exchange for this amount, you will receive the following benefits:

  • 25 impressions (728x90 banner);
  • 100 impressions (125x125 banner);
  • 100 visits to your website (between 5 seconds and 30 seconds);
  • 2360 bonus points.

Note: 1 BAP point is worth $0.0005.

My payment proof | June 24, 2021

PTCShare payment proof

What are the payment methods:

You have up to 4 reliable ways to withdraw your money. These are as follows:

  • Perfect Money;
  • Payeer;
  • Bitcoin;
  • Litecoin.

The minimum withdrawal is only $1.

Is PTCShare worth making money online?

All the information provided in this article is based on my own experience. In other words, I invested money in this site to make money. I had the courage to do this because I had a pleasant experience with Paidverts. Having the same team behind me, I did not hesitate and invested money.

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If you are not willing to invest money in PTCShare, then you can use it for free, but you won't earn much. I'm not here to trick you, that's why I gave you this information. If you need information about this site, please use the comments section.

Thank you.

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